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Creating & Editing Deals

You add or edit a deal by:

  • Selecting the New or Change buttons in the Deals area of the Deals ribbon bar  
  • Right clicking your mouse in the list area and selecting one of the options (see below)  
  • Double clicking on a deal in the list

Windows CRM contact editingDeal Form

Linked Contacts

A New Contact Linked To A Deal

It is a very common part of the sales process to uncover new people who are a part of the decision making process. The sales professional wants to know information about these people AND wants to know that they are connected in some way to a Deal. Desktop provides a shortcut that both creates a new Contact AND insures the Contact is linked to your Deal.

On Deals tab, the Linked Contact button will open the Contact editing form for a new Contact with a link in place to any Deal or Deals that are selected.

Deleting Deals

You can delete one or more deals from the list of deals using the Delete button in the ribbon, pressing the Delete key on the keyboard, or by right clicking and selecting Delete.

Deleting Several Deals

You can delete several deals at once by selecting the deals in the deals list and then pressing the Delete button, pressing the Delete key on the keyboard, or right-clicking on the contact list and selecting Delete. See the section on Selecting Deals.

Deal List

Deal Sorting

Deals can be sorted by any column by clicking on the column header. Clicking on a sorted column header reverses the sort order.

Sorting can make a group of Deals easy to select. For example, sorting by the Rating column can allow up to easily select the block of Deals with a Rating of 5.

Column Order and Visibility

The column order and visibility is controlled by the template and change by changed using the Sales Office Administrator editor.


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