• Windows CRM sales software increases sales and lowers costs
  • Windows CRM Software For Sales Professionals Or Sales Teams
  • Windows CRM Sales Software for Outbound Calling
  • Windows CRM sales software improves sales and lowers costs

Free Windows CRM sales software download

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Affordable Windows CRM For Sales Professionals

Software On Sailboats has been delivering CRM sales and contact management software since 2001. Downloaded over 40,000 times, we are among the most popular software for sales professionals on sites like CNET's Download.com

Engineered For Solo Sales Professionals and Small Teams

Desktop Sales Office has the solo sales professional or small business sales team in mind. A sampling of our customers reveals amazing diversity in size and location. More than 40% of our clients are outside the USA. They range from sole proprietors to specialized teams inside brand name corporations.

Don't Pay Month-After-Month

Licenses are an affordable one-time-only investment.  A Version License offers free upgrades to later releases - v12.01, v12.02, v12.03, etc. A Lifetime License provides free upgrades to new releases and new versions - forever.

Many customers from 2001 are still with us today and using their original license and our latest technology and products. Thank you. It is our honor to have earned your trust.

Experience Matters

We live, work, and play in Eugene, Oregon. The founding partners bring more than 50 years of experience in sales, marketing, venture funding, and board-level leadership.