Do you want turbocharged CRM sales and contact management software that is laser-focused on solo sales professionals?

Download Free trial Desktop Sales Office™ is ready-to-roll on your Microsoft Windows powered personal computer.

You'll track, manage, and master every detail of every contact and every deal. Tell your story via personalized email and printed messages. Make it personal with talking-point powered calling. Master your time with a smart calendar that peers into contacts and deals and displays what's-next-and-when.

Desktop Sales Office has been trusted and downloaded over 40,000 times worldwide by sales professionals like you. We are among the most popular sales software offerings on sites like CNET's

Engineered For Solo Sales Professionals

Desktop Sales Office has the solo sales professional in mind - whether you are a seasoned professional or new to the craft. We are trusted by sole proprietors, independent agents, small businesses, multi-level organizations and even by specialists inside some amazingly large organizations.

For our clients worldwide, we're sensitive to the regional differences in currency and date formats of countries.

$29.95 Once - Not Once Every Month

Licenses are an affordable one-time-only investment. No recurring costs. No upgrade fees. Once and done.

A $29.95 Version License offers free upgrades to later releases - v12.01, v12.02, v12.03, etc.

A $99.00 Lifetime License provides free upgrades to all new releases and all new versions- forever.

Already Decided? Here's How To Buy

Desktop Sales Office Version 12 license launches the power in all your Microsoft Windows computers for finding and winning sales. Free upgrades to later releases of Version 12 - v12.01, v12.02, etc.

Many customers from 2001 are still with us today and using their original license and our latest technology and products. Thank you. It is our honor to have earned your trust.