Free Windows CRM sales software download

Desktop Sales Office v12

CRM Software for contacts and dealsDesktop Sales Office is a Windows PC application for managing deals, contacts, appointments, tasks, calling campaigns, outbound email, and documents for prospects and customers. It is intended for use by individual sales professionals or sales teams. The latest release information is located here.

Evaluation and Licensing

Desktop Sales Office is licensed for use by a single user and may be installed on any of the licensed user's computers. The sales information produced through the use of Desktop Sales Office can be shared and used without restriction.

The software may be evaluated during a 7 day/50 use period. During the evaluation period the software is fully functional. After the evaluation period you may obtain and enter a license key to continue to use the software.

Lifetime License or Version License

We offer two options for licensing your use of Desktop Sales Office. The Version license provides very low cost long term access that is specific to a major version of the software. For example, a Version 12 license would cover versions like v11.18, v11.19, v11.20, etc. Of course you use the version as long you wish - like many computers still happily running Windows XP. If you elect to move to the next major release (for example: from v12 to version 13) you purchase a new version license.

A Lifetime License automatically provides free upgrades to the latest version of Desktop Sales Office - v12.18, v12.19, v13.00, v13.01, etc.