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Setting Your Preferences


Access your User settings via FILE ==> SETTINGS. Whenever a sales opportunity is created or edited, this user information is stored in the contact or deal. The user information is stored in your computer's local disk drive. If you are using the program on more than one computer (a desktop, and laptop, a home office system, etc) then you should fill out the User information for each of the computers that you use.


Pipeline Files - Storing Deals And Contacts

Contacts and deals are stored together in data files called pipeline files, just as you might store that same information in a spreadsheet file. Pipeline files have the file extension .pipeline

You can quickly open a pipeline file by double clicking on the file in Windows or by right clicking on the file in Windows and selecting 'Open with Desktop Sales Office' from the pop-up menu.

Setup and Configuring

Getting started takes just a few steps. The natural process would be:

  • Licensing the software
  • Configure the program
  • Build a pool of good contacts
  • Create a winning campaign
  • Get down to business - start prospecting via calls, email, etc.

Here are the "be sure to do this" steps in a little more detail.

A few basic concepts...

There are a few concepts that will help you get started faster and get better use from the software...

Licenses, Updates, Support

This software is licensed for use by a single user. For sales teams, a license key is required by each member of the sales team - a team with five members would require five license keys.


Under the license agreement that you completed when installing this software you can:


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