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Features: Desktop Sales Office v12 Part 2

When Job #1 is finding and winning business, Desktop Sales Office is here to help. Engineered for solo sales professionals, Desktop Sales Office delivers turbochared CRM sales and contact management software on Windows powered personal computers. Simple to learn and easy to afford for the 'sales guy' in a small business or a specialist inside brand name corporations.​

Desktop Sales Office 11


Version 11 License or Lifetime License owners can download this version. (Release Notes)

Protecting Your Data - Backing Up Files

Desktop Sales Office stores your contact and deal information in data files called pipeline files. These files use .pipeline as the file extension. It is common to have more than one pipeline file just as you might keep many spreadsheet files. For example, you might keep a pipeline file of your current active deals and contacts, another pipeline file holding your won and lost deals, and another pipeline file with your mailing list contacts.

Searching Contacts

The Search area on the Contacts tab provides a technique for selecting contacts that contain a word or phrase.

Caution: any of the search techniques may select contacts that are off the visible page - especially if your list of contacts is quite long. Use the Show Selected button to view only the selected contacts. See the example ofat the end of the video below...

Customized Dialogs: Personalized talking points and scripted messages

One of the signs of a sales professional are informed and on-point conversations with prospects.

Desktop Sales Office offers the ability to display three personalized and scripted dialogs - talking points - to help you stay on-topic during telephone calls with your prospects and clients. 

A dialog is defined as a verbal exchange between people. There is no faster or surer way to turn a prospect into a lost prospect than to launch into a one-way scripted harangue. Ask. Listen. Discuss.


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