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Starting the program


vCards are an electronic method of storing and exchanging contact information - a well defined text file that contains contact information. There are standards that define what a vCARD file should contain (Wikpedia information here). Windows Contacts is included in Windows Vista and Windows 7 and provides basic capabilites for managing vCards and with Windows Outlook you can:

Importing Contacts

Import Data

Data: Sources

Suppliers of contact and business information like Hoovers, Spoke, Jigsaw, or infoUSA deliver their information in text files. Outlook can export contact information into text files. Spreadsheet programs like Microsoft Excel or OpenOffice Calc will both read and write text files. Most sales automation and CRM programs provide text file import and export.

Setting Your Preferences


Access your User settings via FILE ==> SETTINGS. Whenever a sales opportunity is created or edited, this user information is stored in the contact or deal. The user information is stored in your computer's local disk drive. If you are using the program on more than one computer (a desktop, and laptop, a home office system, etc) then you should fill out the User information for each of the computers that you use.


Customizing Call Results - Efficient Call Outcomes

Desktop Sales Office results are a collection of possible end-of-phone-call actions and outcomes. They are accessed via CALLS & RESEARCH  ==> DIALOG and are displayed as buttons on the right side of the form near the call timer:

Windows CRM call results


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